Thursday, May 26, 2011

Homestudy and feeling lost

Well I have completed one meeting of our homestudy with another tonight and the final one on Saturday.  My social worker really crammed in the meetings.  I am not complaining though.  The quicker this is done the quicker I will be on the official wait list.

One thing I do feel like complaining about is seriously the fact I feel like I am in serious limbo.  During my IVF days I got awesome support from the ladies at an absolute wicked site, ladies who know what you are going through and are there for you when you are feeling blue.  I no longer feel like I belong there.  The adoption part of the forum is so quiet and not that the ladies are supportive it is just lacking in posts and can go days to weeks without anyone posting. 

I am trying to track down a adoption forum that has the same vibe but sadly I haven't been able to find one.  I am feeling so lost in limbo right now......and just needed to vent.

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